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Medical Housecall: Sports Hydration Important

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DALLAS, TEXAS (WDAM) - High school two-a-days are a tradition, but those football practices are under increased scrutiny to keep kids safe from the scorching heat.

Todd Lawson, a football coach at Carter High School in Dallas said, "Of course we constantly talk to them about nutrition and hydrating their body making sure they're doing things 24 to 48 hours before."

This year texas high school football teams will get a formal training session reminding them how to recognize the danger signs.

"They just tell you to drink a lot of water, any chance you get to get some water in your system," says, Blake Gower a player at Carter High School. 

The coaches at Carter are extra aware. In 2004 a player died of heat stroke after a practice, so it remains a top concern for coaches and parents.

Kimberly Williams a parent of one of one of the players agrees with measures coaches are taking to prevent any incidences. " They are doing more than enough to make sure these children are healthy out here in this heat."

Coach Allen Wilson said safety starts before they hit the field, with pre-season workouts. "You just gotta monitor a little closer, make sure the coaches are mindful of this every year."

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