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Congressman Gene Taylor opposed to current healthcare bill

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Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM)- Lawmakers are still debating over President Obama's health care reform and how to make the plan work. So far, it's been a plan Congressman Gene Taylor is against. The South Mississippi Democrat says there are three major issues he feels haven't even been mentioned, which could greatly benefit citizens.

"Increasing the use of generic drugs. Generic drugs, you get the benefit without the cost and we ought to be doing that for what we buy with taxpayer dollars."

Taylor also says, our nation has great purchasing power and lawmakers need to expand on that power to get better prices on prescription drugs. He also says, "The insurance companies were given an exemption for the anti trust laws in 1946. It was supposed to be for one year, and here we are in 2009 and they still have that exemption from the anti-trust laws."

"Insurance companies need to compete for your business" says Taylor, "just like everybody else competes for price and quality."

He, along with  other members of Congress, agree these changes will benefit the consumer without adding to the national debt. Taylor says, he feels the Government's biggest challenge is funding and  plans to pay for it.  Since Medicaid funds are projected to stop collecting enough in taxes to foot the bill by 2017.This Taylor says,  leaves the Government two options. A dramatic cut to services or raising taxes to pay for it.

"So what we need to do is just slow this down and take a look at the promises we've already made to our military retirees, to our senior citizens, to the less fortunate americans and get a grasp on how we are going to pay for those promises before we start making any new promises."

He says, the cost of healthcare has become outrageous and something needs to be done to make it affordable and he will maintain his position on revising the plan with options to make that happen for Americans, instead of costing tax payers even more money.

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