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Bill could harm local television stations

A new bill moving through Congress would allow cable providers to drop local stations.

Here is why FREE, local TV is important:

    * It empowers and connects you to the community in which you live.
    * It lets you know when it's time to take cover from a severe weather threat.
    * It honors local heroes who help those less fortunate and fills a void that may be missing in all of our communities.
    * It sends a call to action to raise money to help fund important research.
    * It makes our locally-elected officials accountable for their actions.
    * It keeps you up-to-date on all of the events around town.
    * It gives you options and choices on the best way to live your life.

If this bill passes Congress, cable and satellite companies will be allowed to drop local stations. They think you won't miss all that local television provides for you and everyone in your Local community.

    * Local television stations like us here at WDAM are all licensed by the federal government and are required to meet local community standards.
    * Local television stations are operated in the local public interest by your local neighbors.
    * Cable and satellite channels like CNN, ESPN and others are not licensed and have no obligation to serve the local interest here in the pine belt. These channels have no employees in Mississippi, either.
    * National Cable and Satellite channels have no local content and are not required to serve the local public interest. They can telecast objectionable programming without consequence.
    * Local TV stations like WDAM, by law, must maintain a main studio locally and a public file detailing our operations in the local community.
       * Local TV stations must comply with strict rules for broadcasting political advertising and by law must not discriminate in selling advertising to candidates.
    * Periodic Federal re-licensing ensures that local TV stations comply with the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
    * Cable and Satellite channels are not subject to such rules. They are not licensed to serve local communities by the FCC.
    * Local TV stations donate funding and airtime to charities that support our youth.
    * Local TV stations nationwide contribute and help raise $10 billion annually for public service.

Please contact your representatives in Congress to show your support for local TV all over America.

Tell them satellite TV providers, like cable TV providers, should offer the services of every local TV station in every local TV market in America.

Click to contact your representatives:

Travis Childers

Bennie Thompson

Gregg Harper

Gene Taylor


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