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Viewpoint - Walter Cronkite

Broadcasting icon Walter Cronkite was buried this week after passing away at the age of 92.  During his heyday as the longtime anchor for CBS news he became known as the "most trusted man in America".  (take video) Cronkite was an old school reporter and anchor.  His job was not to be a commentator or editorialist but to offer the news of the day in an objective way.  Even among those on the national scene who hold similar jobs today...the ideal of objectivity has often been compromised.

While in his latter years...far removed from his job as a straight newsman...Walter Cronkite often talked about his own views and opinions and it was clear that he was without question much more liberal than conservative.  But one colleague who worked for him as a reporter and later became a conservative commentator said that-while working with him-he never had any idea whether Cronkite was a Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, traditionalist or progressive.  He kept his own views close to the vest and did an admirable job as an anchor and managing editor of CBS of keeping his own beliefs from bleeding over into his straight news coverage.

The world was a larger place in Uncle Walter's day...with only 2 or 3 major networks as the only place to get national and international news on television for a short period of time each evening.  Walter Cronkite, along with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on NBC were the best of the best in their day.  We sure could use a few more of their stripe around these days.  Problem is, they would probably be drowned out by all the screaming and bantering and the blurring of lines between news, entertainment and commentary.  I'm Jim Cameron with today's editorial commentary.  Let us hear from you.

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