Viewpoint - Let's Get toThe Details

When you start talking about health care—in any context—you are hitting people where they live…and die.  There is no denying the skyrocketing costs of health care.  There is also no denying that the majority of Americans get very nervous when you start talking about government intrusion into this very sensitive and private part of their lives.  That is why it is critical in this debate on health care reform, nationalized health care, socialized medicine…or whatever name one chooses to put on it that is all tangled up in Washington in a thousand page document that few have read and virtually no one understands completely that plain bottom line communication is needed.
There is disturbing talk on both sides of the political aisle about what is contained in this national health care proposal…like what it is going to mean exactly to privacy issues, the specifics of our relationships with our doctors, who decides who gets what treatment, what it will mean in costs to individuals and businesses, who is really going to pay for it and many…many other critical questions.  Yet the rush to get this monolith passed is head spinning and scary.
President Obama promised during the campaign that he would make transparency a hallmark of his administration.  He said that he would put every bill on the internet for 30 days so people could see exactly what was in them before they could be voted on.
That has not been done in this case…or in the case of other mind numbing bills such as the bank bailouts or the Economic Stimulus Plan.  The President had a press conference last night to sell this plan…but most of us still don’t understand the details—and that is where the devil usually lurks.  We need plan questions and answers…spelled out in specific layman’s terms…made available to all so we can see how one of the greatest game changers our society has ever seen really means.  A plain and simple FAQ sheet or bullet points.
Until it is clear what all the ramifications are…we hope the government will slow down and really take their time to look at all the unintended consequences, listen to the American people, study this thing backward and forward and show us some real statesmanship, common sense and leadership before anything is done.  It is just too important to rush through.  That is how we end up with poorly vetted bad policy.  We urge Washington to take a deep breath…turn their head and cough…and then tell us exactly what the real bottom line is on this deal before it gets rammed down our throats. 
I’m Jim Cameron.  Let us hear from you.
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