Community Leaders Want Police Budget Increase

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Nathan Jordan is a man of many hats, a reverend, a community leader and a member of the Forrest County NAACP. His current hat he says is the support from his community for the Hattiesburg Police Department.

"They are a group of men and women who serve and protect our community 24 hours a day," said Jordan.

Jordan, along with NAACP President Clarence Magee and Major Pegh with the Community Action Team took to the steps of city hall to voice concerns about the department's upcoming budget saying funding needs to be increased.

"We pledge our support to make sure that the money that is needed to support their budget is in there budget so when they need anything it's there for their use," said Jordan.

"We're not going around with an axe trying to hack anybody's budget," said city council president Kim Bradley who agrees, the police department needs as big of a budget as possible, but says these community leaders may be getting ahead of themselves.

"The council has not even seen the proposed budget from the administration," said Bradley

Even with a completed budget Bradley says money will be tight. Jordan and Magee say look harder.

"We can find the money by sitting down at the table and discussing other wasteful things that are taking place in the city," said Jordan

"There are monies that can be found, if people take the time to look for it," said Magee.

Before a search for money could even happen Bradley says the department would have to first submit a budget and he doesn't expect any major problems when he sees it.

"There are going to be some things that we're going to trim back, just like every multiplicity across this country, just like our federal government," said Bradley, "You know, to say that the police is going to receive big budget cuts, I don't believe that's true."

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