Hattiesburg surgeon offers method to recapture youth

By Sheri Falk - bio | email | Twitter

Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM) - Everyone wants to look younger than they really are, and that requires a life-long relationship with face creams, possible injections or taking extreme measures like going under the knife.

No one has found the fountain of youth as of yet, but it is possible to attain younger looking skin through various laser treatments, and plastic surgeon Paul Talbot of Hattiesburg is using a new profractional laser which promises extraordinary results with minimal recovery time.

"The way it really works is it drills holes, or vaporizes tissue, into your deep dermis," said Talbot. "It brings new blood into the area, which rejuvenates the skin."

Talbot said the procedure is for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and acne scars, and it helps improve sun-damaged skin. This laser differs from other laser treatments because  it does it without destroying the surface skin, leaving patients with a faster recovery.

"Usually about three days," said, Talbot, "making it easy for patients to get it done on a Thursday and be back to work Monday, unlike other laser treatments, which burn the surface area down to the dermis, forcing newer, healthier skin to grow over time."

Talbot said this treatment works best on people in their 30s to 50s.

"This is a treatment to keep your skin looking good if you are younger and rejuvenate your skin as you are older, and if you are at the higher end, this is just going to make it look a little better."

It takes about six months to see full results from the profractional laser treatment, said Talbot, "and many patients tell me at six weeks they look great, but at six months they looked even better."

The number of treatments patients get vary depending on their skin.

"You can repeat it every six months if you want to, but most of our folks - they might do it once a year or once every couple of years. The nice thing is with the short down time you can do it as much as you want and not harm your skin."

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