Viewpoint - Serial Rapist

He struck in Baton Rogue, Hattiesburg and Hammond, and was caught by Alabama authorities near Huntsville.

James Crockett is suspected of being the serial rapist who used a stun gun and handcuffs to subdue, assault and rape three women in Louisiana and Mississippi.

The teamwork was a model of law enforcement by three states and the vigilence on the part of the public which led to his arrest.

This spree of horror that began on July 5 ended this week with his apprehension. He is now locked away in a Lamar County jail, leaving the victims-including one here in Hattiesburg-to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

If he is found guilty, we can think of no punishment too harsh for this savage attack on three innocent victims.

Without good law enforcement, it could have been more. We salute all who were involved today in his apprehension.

I'm Jim Cameron, and that is today's viewpoint.

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