Local fans mourn McNair

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HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - From his college days as a player for Alcorn State University to the 13 seasons as a star NFL quarterback, Steve "Air" McNair has been a favorite player to many.

His life came to a tragic end Saturday when he was murdered. His death affected fans around the world.

"Saturday, all we heard was shock and disbelief, you know, people not wanting to believe it, not wanting to know it's true," said Jared Howze, Gulf Coast Cards manager.

Saturday was a busy day for the store located in Turtle Creek Mall. Since the tragedy, more and more McNair fans want to get their hands on McNair memorabilia.

"People come in and ask us for things and want to purchase things from us with McNair on it," said Howze.

Fans have bought jerseys, Steve McNair clocks, cards, and almost anything that will become an NFL treasure.

"Instead of customers coming in saying do you have this; a majority of my customers are saying what do you have of McNair?"

Jimmy Walters has always been a big fan of McNair. He said he was shocked to hear the news. "It was a big shock watching him just a few years ago, watching him play," said Walters. "I grew up idolizing the man, and now he's gone; it's just a really big shock."

Walters also said he already has McNair cards, but with his passing he hopes to get his hands on some more gear before it's all sold out.

"I was looking at a jersey, and I might get a jersey and put it up in a frame and have a little memory of him," said Walters.

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