Viewpoint: Sumrall Baseball

Congratulations to coach Larry Knight, his coaches, and the Sumrall Bobcats Baseball team on finishing number seven in the contry in the final highschool baseball poll, published by Baseball America, the premier baseball publication and ranking service nationwide.

As a matter of record, the Bobcats were one of only two teams ranked in the final top 50 that completed the season undefeated.

To our knowledge, there has never been another Pine Belt area baseball team that completed a season undefeated, and it is incredibly rare for any highschool baseball team to finish number seven in the entire nation.

Again, congratulations to coach Knight and his team, and congratulations should extend to the Sumrall High School, the entire Lamar County school district and it's school board, as all can share in celebrating such a rare feat indeed.

Make no mistake about it, number seven in the entire country is not only commendable, it is big time.

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