Three men arrested for meth

HATTIESBURG, MS - Three Seminary men are in jail in Hattiesburg, charged with operating a methamphetamine lab at a Hub City hotel.

David Gondreau, 52, Levi Gondreau, 25 and Doyle Smith, 24, are in custody facing charges of possessing and manufacturing methamphetamines and possessing drug-making materials.

They were arrested by Hattiesburg Police around 12 a.m. in a room at the Budget Inn on Highway 49.

Officers said they were allegedly in the process of cooking the drug when they were arrested.

Officers also said an anonymous tip led to the arrests.

Officials with the Hattiesburg police said transient, mobile meth labs are a common occurance and often set up for a few days then move on.

In April, four other people were arrested for operating meth labs at the same hotel.