Brutality case heads to grand jury

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - The investigation of two Petal Police officers accused of disorderly conduct is now concluded, but it isn't over.

The case will head to a grand jury in Forrest County.

District Attorney Jon Mark Weathers said recent reports have indicated his office cleared the two officers of allegedly using excessive force during a traffic stop earlier this month. Weathers said it is not true, and it will be up to a grand jury to decide if the officers should be cleared.

The case stems from a complaint filed by Fredrick Russell who accused the officers of assaulting him during a seat belt violation stop.

"What I want to make clear is, because it's a case involving law enforcement and allegations of abuse, the matter is not over now," said Weathers. "It will be presented to a Forrest County Grand Jury, and I'm going to let 20 people from this county, all walks of life, hear the evidence."

Weathers said presenting the case to a Grand Jury will take at least a month.

Russell and witnesses alleged police used excessive force on him, including pepper spray and repeated use of a police baton after pulling him over for not wearing a seat belt.