Viewpoint: The Big Switch Is Here

This is WDAM’s last day to broadcast our signal in analog.  When you get up in the morning we will be digital only instead of broadcasting in both formats as we have been since 2002.  It would be beyond anyone’s imagination to think that everyone hasn’t had the opportunity to get ready for this switch.  WDAM…along with every other television station in the country has been donating extraordinary amounts of air time, web site information and community awareness campaigns almost to the point of over saturation for the last 2 years in particular.
Those of you on cable will still get us just like you always have.  If you receive us over the air, hopefully you have either purchased a digital receiver, or a converter box and antenna.  Hopefully you have tested out antenna position and scanned your converter box.  WDAM, along with our sister stations, have run tests a number of times over the past several months.  We’ve helped a large number of people who have called with their questions.  Tomorrow we will have people on standby to help you if you need it—hopefully most won’t.  Our local number is 1-601-544-4730 or you can call the FCC’s national number tomorrow or over the weekend for help and answers.  That number is 1-888-CALL-FCC.  That’s 1-888-CALL-FCC.
That’s right, the “Big Switch” to digital as mandated by the Federal Government so long ago and that we have been talking about so long is here and tomorrow…after being delayed from the original deadline in February.  June 12, 2009 is set in stone.  If you are a satellite subscriber we continue to urge to ask your carrier to put your local stations on satellite.  Some people have told us they have been told that they want to but we won’t let them.  That is not the case.  We would be crazy not to want everyone to get us as conveniently as possible. 
But, however you get our digital signal, we think you will be amazed at the quality of both the audio and video.  I’m Jim Cameron…let know if we can help.
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