Viewpoint: Water Safety

It’s summertime, and the weather is hot in Mississippi, but the water is cool, and the number of people enjoying water sports of all sorts is abundant.  


Folks are swimming in pools, rivers, creeks and lakes. Boating and water sking are summertime favorite pastimes. Still, others load up their fishing boats and hit the waterways from private lakes to the Gulf of Mexico to engage in the relaxing activity of fishing. As the current saying goes - it’s all good.  

However, here are just a few reminders to help keep your good times from turning into tragedy or mishap.  


First of all, we urge everyone to know how to swim.  


Secondly, even if you are a good swimmer, be careful. If you are in a boat, wear a life jacket - that goes for skiers as well.  


Don’t dive anywhere you don’t absolutely know what is under the water. Many people have been paralyzed, broken bones or suffered other serious injuries or even drowned because they hit something they didn’t expect to be under the water they were jumping into.  


Know your limitations, and don’t swim out farther than you can comfortably swim back as well.


Remember too that with any kind of water sports, alcohol and activity on the water don’t mix. A cool one may be tempting on a hot day, but please refrain when near the water.  

These tips are just a few of many. Have fun on the water, but when in doubt, know what safety measures you need to be following.  


Oh, and be sure to keep a close eye on the children. Their youthful energy, excitement, and enthusiasm can quickly overcome their abilities in the water.  

Have fun, but please be safe.  


Things can go wrong quickly and unexpectedly. 


I’m Jim Cameron, be sure and let us hear from you.


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