A Winner Has Been Selected!

Sydney Sanders of Hattiesburg is the winner with the following essay:

"My dad, Hugh Sanders, is my friend, pastor, advice giver, coach, encourager, and driving partner! Yes, I just got my license, and he's taught me everything. I couldn't think of a better man to receive this award. He would say otherwise because of his humble spirit, but he deserves this. My dad was called into the ministry 7 years ago, soon after he got a job here. What a blessing! Since 1993, my dad has worked as a project manager in construction. He worked miles away and could only come home on weekends. My mom video taped the kids all week to show my dad. We were so thankful when he got the job at DC General Contractors. Yes, it's strange to most that my dad works in construction AND preaches, but he's great at both! My dad strives daily to walk with Christ. He is an example to every person he meets. He ministers with co-workers, not to "save" them eternally, but to bond with them in Christ. His goal in life is to SERVE. I look up to my dad most in his servitude. My dad seems like the typical griller, football coach, fixer upper, cuttin' the grass type dad. But to me, he's so much more. He always knows what to say. He is a kind hearted, compassionate person. Because he's my dad, I, of course, want him to win. But, he DOES deserve this. After serving and helping others throughout his life, he deserves this honor. "