Dozens join bee keeping industry

By Kevin Wheeler - bio | email | Twitter

Ellisville, MS (WDAM) - Over 70 people participated in a basic bee keeping workshop Tuesday in Ellisville, sponsored by the Mississippi State Extension Service and the Bureau of Plant Industry.

"We are teaching individuals who are interested in possible having bees on how to get bees, on how to work bees, and what they need to know to be successful  bee keepers," said Clarence Collison, a Mississippi State University Professor.

Collison said more and more people are starting to join the bee keeping industry.

"I think a lot of it has to do with all the national publicity in the last year and a half about colony collapse disorder, and how important bees are to our diet and if there are not adequate bees what affect that would have on our food supply," said Collison.

Forrest County Extension director Chuck Grantham said people have noticed that decline in bees.

"I get quite a few calls and the extension office from clients that are concerned about bees," said Grantham. "They want to know why they don't have bees coming to their garden or why their vegetable crops aren't pollinating right."

Karen Gregory has a pest control company in Pascagoula. She has been used to eliminating bees, but now things have changed.

"Bees are so beneficial that we decided that instead of killing the bees we'd like to learn how to retrieve them from the nest and take them to a hive and save the bees," said Gregory.