Petal man arrested after hit and run

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - A Petal man is in jail after being caught in the middle of a domestic dispute over the weekend.

Michael Amaral, 38, turned himself into Petal Police Sunday after allegedly running over his friend's husband on Friday afternoon.

Investigators said the victim saw his wife in the car with Amaral and attempted to confront the two of them. Once the wife stepped out of the car, Amaral hit the gas and tried to run over the victim. He then fled the scene.

The wife called the police and helped her husband into the car. She then tried to follow Amaral but could not keep up.

"Amaral was brought in today (Monday) for his first appearance," said Gavin Guy with the Petal Police Department. "Bond was set at $15,000 for aggravated assault with a vehicle."

The victim was taken to Forrest General Hospital and later released with minor injuries.