Hurricane season almost here

With hurricane season almost here, we are offering some new tropical weather tools with views that are tailored for the Pine Belt.

Our Tropical Future Cast is exclusive to and can't be found on other Web sites. It is our in-house weather model with a strong track record for predicting precipitation.

It is positioned with a view of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi Coast, so you can see where a tropical system should travel over the next 48 hours.

We've also added still and animated IR-Satellites of the Gulf and the Atlantic to help you track all developing tropical activity.

In addition, we are offering an online hurricane tracker.

All these tools, plus many other new ones can be found at the top of our weather page in the box titled WDAM Weather Web Tools.

If a hurricane threatens the Pine Belt this season, keep checking back with WDAM for power outage estimates and storm tracks.

If a hurricane does approach our area, we will convert the site to an around-the-clock live weather center with a live blog and weather web cam.

Thanks for counting on the WDAM Weather Center to bring you your local tropical coverage.