Petal mayor - elect faces challenges

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PETAL, MS (WDAM) - "I sort of woke up thinking it might've been a dream, but reality hit me that I did win," said Petal Mayor-elect Hal Marx.

Marx won the mayor runoff race Tuesday. So far, he is only promising a few things as he prepares to take office.

"I will spend their money wisely, be open with them, answer their questions, and keep them informed," said Marx.

The city is facing a financial emergency - a budget deficit of nearly $2 million.  Marx admits he has a difficult task ahead, but he promises to make the budget his top priority.

"That's why we run we run to be leaders, and that means we have to tackle whatever problem we're faced with, and this happens to be what we're faced with," said Marx.

Petal Resident Fred Kelly said he has confidence in Marx's ability to handle the situation.

"If Hal Marx can do what he said he was going to do, you know when he was doing his campaigning, I believe that he'll be able to pull the city out," said Kelly.

Marx said he agrees with the current administration's decision to give prior notice to employees who will be laid off. Marx wants to continue with city projects that have already been started, but he wants to see how much money the city has before starting anything new.

"I think before we take on any new projects, we really need to sit down and look at cost, look at our revenue and decide if we can afford it, if we can't afford it, we don't need to do it," said Marx

Marx also said with a better handle on money and more business coming to the city, Petal's finances should see a turn around.