PRCC graduates hundreds

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Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM) - About 600 Pearl River Community College students graduated with various degrees Tuesday morning.

PRCC President William Lewis said he was proud to have such a large graduating class.

"The value is in our community college system in the state, so we are very pleased with this large number of graduates and it continues to grow every year," said Lewis.

Students received their associate degreed in arts, applied science or proficiency. Lewis said the students worked hard to get through the programs.

"I think it takes a real dedicated person who has to have a real strong support base at home to be able to accomplish a college education these days and times."

Marco Becerra already has a job lined up with the Stennis Space Center. He said a lot of his support came from his teachers.

"They helped me out a lot, and they were there for me whenever I needed them; and they've helped me get a job and all, so credit goes to all my teachers," said Becerra.

PRCC also celebrated its centennial anniversary this year. Riley Ladner said being part of school history made the graduation ceremony even more special.

"My whole family pretty much has gone through this school, and they've all been a part of this, and it's just feels great for me to be the final one and actually be in a great celebration like this one."

Joey Shelton gave the commencement address. Shelton is a PRCC alumnus, and is now a pastor in Jackson. He asked the graduates to reflect on their new title.