Police investigate deadly shooting

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Beaumont, MS (WDAM) Perry county officials are investigating the Sunday shooting death of a 28-year-old man in Beaumont.

"It's just one of those things late at night and probably alcohol played a part in this so that's what we are looking at, said Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith.

Jonathan Steele's family said his death was the result of a planned attack.

Police arrested one man who lives at Bolton Loop where the shooting place, but no charges have been filed. Sheriff Smith said investigators need to sort out all of the facts.

"We do know there was an altercation that took place with the person that we have in custody and a group of young men," said Smith.

Milton Griffin, the suspect's uncle said a group of men came to the house after a family gathering and carried out a planned ambush.

"There were other guys that blocked the roadway to keep the guys that were there already from getting out," said Griffin.

Griffin said his nephew ordered the men to get off his property. He said that's when the men started shooting and his nephew shot back and struck one of the men.

"If someone comes up invading you, you ask them to leave, they don't leave then you activate plan two."

Griffin said his nephew was only protecting his family inside the home.

"What he did, him, you, or the camera man, anyone would've did this to protect their home."

"We're going to look at it and just continue the investigation on it until we can figure exactly what happened or what the motive was," said Smith.