Forrest County testing new method for controlling mosquitos

By: Mike McDaniel   Bio | Email | Twitter

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - When it comes to fighting off mosquitoes in Forrest County, those ever so noticeable fogger trucks are slowly become less noticeable, and there's a good reason.

The county is increasing its ground approach, killing the insects before they're even able to fly.

"When you see a fogger going around everybody knows that we're spraying for mosquitoes," said Forrest County Extension Director Chuck Grantham, "but that is probably one of the least effective controls."

Instead the county has been using larvacides, which can look like pellets, and are dropped in to standing water throughout the county.

"We realize that we've had a lot of rainfall this spring," said Grantham, "and that has just made a bad situation worse because there's a lot more areas for these mosquitoes to breed in."

These materials are gone and just distributed in to those water sources and then those products will despite and kill the larva in those puddle areas.

"Fogging will still be used, but only on an as needed basis."