Viewpoint: Crime Down in Hattiesburg

As Mike McDaniel reports on tonight's Seven on your Side, crime is significantly down for the second year in a row in Hattiesburg for the first quarter.

This trend is great news and congratulations are in order for Chief Frazier Bolton and the Hattiesburg Police Department.

We commend the work that has been done in rebuilding the department and the results that have been produced.  This reflects well on the department as well as the Mayor and City Council for picking a true leader and professional who is respected by his department and the community alike.  We are lucky to have Chief Bolton and his outstanding department to help keep us safe.  As we have said before, nothing good happens when people don't feel safe and there will always be criminals attempting to perpetrate their predatory trade on innocent citizens.

Our police have to be motivated, highly trained and constantly vigilant.  Certainly the stats would indicate that to be the case in the Hub City.

I'm Jim Cameron for 7 on your Side.  Let us know what you think.

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