Viewpoint: Tax Tags or Cigs?

You’ve probably seen our news story about the fact that—because the state legislators didn’t come up with enough funding due to the sales tax short fall—it is being proposed by some that we may have to raise taxes on car tags…in some cases it has been reported that the price could even double. 
Admittedly it is a complicated situation …but the fact remains that in these tough economic times the reduction in the exorbitant price Mississippians had to pay for automobile tags in the past that was finally partially alleviated by a special fund back in 1994…may have to make a comeback if funding isn’t found for the program.  This in the face of the fact that the legislature couldn’t come up with a tax on cigarettes. 
Mississippi has something like the 3rd lowest state tax on cigarettes in the country at only 18-cents a pack.  Smoking is a choice and a health hazard.  Everyone basically has to drive and buy car tags.  What is wrong with this picture.  Urge your legislators to find away to not raise car tag prices…even if it means putting a tax at least equivalent to the rest of the country and region on the sacred cow that tobacco seems to be in this state. 
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