Viewpoint: Automotive Decorations

I received an e-mail from a young man who is a recent university graduate here in the Pine Belt.  You’d be surprised how many of our editorial subjects come from you our viewers.  In this case the viewer voiced a concern - shared by many - about some of the crude and even vulgar decorations hanging from, stuck on, or in some cases even worded on so called “vanity” license plates issued by the state.
It’s obvious that our society is far more coarse than in days gone by.  The media has certainly had its part to play regardless of whether one argues that media reflects society or shapes society.
But why is it considered by so many to be cool to be crass.  People decorate things on their cars and trucks that embarrass many other adults…especially if they have children riding with them.
The ones who should be embarrassed are those who display their low class and trashy taste for everyone else to see.
There was a time in the South when we were considered a genteel and polite people.  People would come here from other parts of the country and be impressed at our good manners and considerate language.  Well…congratulations…those days are either just a memory or a never was—depending on your generation.  We can do better…and we should.  I’m just asking you to think about it…and let us know what’s on your mind.
I’m Jim Cameron for Seven of your Side.  Let me hear from you.
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