Car warranty phone scam hits Pine Belt

HATTIESBURG, MISS (WDAM) - If you have not gotten the call, you probably know someone who has.

It goes something like this, "Hi, this is our second and final attempt to inform you your car warranty has expired..."

The calls are part of a nationwide marketing scheme, according to the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Missouri.

Officials at the Bureau list 92 extended warranty companies in their area and say they are responsible for most of the calls.

Consumer advocate organizations like advise consumers to avoid these offers.

"The companies using these deceptive and sleazy sales tactics must be stopped and brought to justice," said Herb Weisbaum, a consumer advocate with MSNBC.

Sales calls to cell phones are illegal. If you recieve one of these calls, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by calling 877-382-4357.