Two boaters rescued from fast moving river

Two people were rescued in dramatic fashion by firefighters after their fishing boat overturned on the Bouie river Tuesday afternoon. Both boaters are now recovering from their injuries.

Tuesday afternoon, a fishing boat carrying a woman and a man, overturned in rough water at the Glendale landing. Both boaters were rescued and brought to shore by Hattiesburg firemen. The man was originally spotted clinging to a gasoline can down river. Authorities from Hattiesburg, Petal and Forrest county responded to the scene.

North Forrest volunteer fireman, Tommy MacDermott says, "With all the rain we had over the weekend, the river is up very high, the water is very swift and it was a very delicate operation."

The victims have not been identified yet. MacDermott says their injuries were not serious. At this hour the victims boat has not been recovered from the river.

Video of the women being rescued is posted online at