Viewpoint: Texting While Driving

Some time ago we did a Seven on Your Side Viewpoint about the dangers of text messaging while driving. 
We quoted a source from the Mississippi Highway Patrol about how prevalent this practice was among teenagers who, by the way, have the least amount of experience with operating motor vehicles. 
Well, Mississippi lawmakers have now passed a bill that would make it illegal for newly licensed teenagers to send and receive text messages while driving. We highly commend them for that.
However, we frankly think the bill should have gone a step further and made it illegal for anyone to text while driving. After all, no one really has enough experience for that kind of distraction while driving.  It is probably as deadly a combination as drinking and driving.  It is a bad idea for anyone regardless of age to text while driving and we urge everyone to please refrain from doing it.  But at least the current law is a start.  Hopefully it will be expanded to be more all encompassing in the next session.
I’m Jim Cameron and that’s today’s Viewpoint.  As always, we ask you to write and tell us what’s on your mind.
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