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Join Erin Lowrey for the first installment of her monthly series, "The Lists." This month, she will explore teen pregnancy in Mississippi, where we rank nationally and the steps taken to improve our position. "The Lists" will be a two part series starting on Thursday, January 30 in News 7 Sunrise and News 7 Six O'clock Edition.
Thousands of people in the United States suffer from mild to severe food allergies. Join Megan Hodge for her three part series as she learns more about food allergies and seeks to raise awareness for the people who live with them. She'll sit down with people right here in the Pine Belt to find out how they've adjusted their lives to deal with these illnesses. Hard to Swallow, starting Monday, February 3 in News 7 Six O'clock Edition.
Many Mississippi industries products are sold across the US and the world, but many residents know little about them. Christopher Harkey will share what he has learned about the products made in our state and the people behind them in, "Made in Mississippi," a three part series airing each Wednesday in February, starting on February 12 at 6 p.m.
Join Vanessa Pacheco for her fascinating three part series, “Where Are They Now,” as she tracks down the stars of some of our favorite viral videos to find out how their lives have changed since their fame. Take a look inside the lives of these people Thursdays starting February 13 during News 7 Six O’clock Edition.
Mississippi holds more diversity than most stereotypes reveal. In the country’s Bible Belt, people of many different beliefs thrive and practice their faiths. Men fall in love with men and women with women in a state that does not legally recognize their rights to marriage. In a state that still feels the old wounds of segregation, interracial couples now openly live and love together. Margaret Ann’s three part series will look at the cultures that go against the norm in our state and how they enjoy life in Mississippi just like their neighbors, starting Monday, February 17.
Follow Vanessa Pacheco on her weight loss journey as she shares the many successes and set backs of striving for her goal in, “Mission 15.” Join her for the weigh in and pick up on some tips that could work for you on Monday, February 24 in News 7 6 O’clock Edition.