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Dog helps with keeping neighborhood clean

Livonia, MI -

LIVONIA, MI (CNN) – A Rottweiler is doing her part to help clean up the neighborhood by recycling water bottles.

Izzie has been cleaning up the streets for three years now and it's all thanks to her "dad."

"He gave her a water bottle with a dog cookie in it and she took the cap off, tipped it over, rolled it around, got the cookie out, and from then on she picks up water bottles," said dog owner Jan Larion. "We try to take different paths because she picks up so many bottles that this way she can kind of keep an eye on everything."

 Larion realized she can actually do some good with her pets new found talent and provided accessories to help.

"So I got her a pink collar, then for the bottles I got the pink backpack and then the sunglasses were the coup de grace," Larion said. "I told her that I would match her for every bottle, a dollar, and open a bank account, she thinks she is going to summer camp, but we're donating it, probably to the humane society."

So far Izzie's account has 40 dollars.

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