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Viewpoint - Jimmy Carter Plays Race Card

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It is clearly time for former-President Jimmy Carter to get Georgia back on his mind and go there to retire from the public spotlight. 

This Wednesday on NBC Carter asserted that strong disagreement with President Barack Obama is a product of racism and motivated by the fact that he is a black man. 

Well maybe the former president is a self-loathing Southerner still trying to prove to everyone that he is not a racist...or perhaps searching his own heart to see if there is another evil lurking there besides the lust he admitted to when he was younger...but in case he didn't notice, the simple fact that an African American was elected to the highest office in the land, carrying some southern states in the process and showing up very well in others should be proof that racism is playing less a part in our society than it did at any other time in our history. 

Does that mean there is no racism left-of course not. 

There is still racism in this country and other countries around the world and it should be exposed and stamped out wherever it exists regardless of the particular races involved.  

But for Carter to portray political dissent as strictly racism seems to be a shallow attempt to stifle free debate in this country where people should feel free to disagree on matters of policy and substance.   

But President Obama himself disagrees with Carter and said so through his press secretary. 

Robert Gibbs said that, "We understand that people disagree with some of the decisions we've made and that the president does not think it is based on the color of his skin. 

Carter's remark drew condemnation of Michael Steele...the African-American chairman of the G.O.P. 

Steele said, "President Carter is flat out wrong.  This isn't about race.  It is about policy."  

To make criticism of the president about playing the race card is condescending to our president and many other black elected officials.  It is a cheap shot that can have a chilling effect on free flowing exchange.  All presidents and politicians have there supporters and detractors.  We have a two party system.  Mr. Carter has had a number of other disturbing points of view that he has felt compelled to foist open the American people and the world.  For example, his book on Palestine was widely praised by none other than Osama bin Laden of all people. 

While it is his right to say these things...we wish he would try to preserve what little legacy he might have had and refrain from being the contrarian in chief...Frankly it's sad to watch. 

That's my Viewpoint...let me hear from you.