Fan grieving after thief steals Dallas Cowboys themed mailbox

The die hard fan says her mailbox’s disappearance has been difficult to handle.

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - With football season underway, Sarah Allen is constantly reminded of her Dallas Cowboys themed mailbox that was stolen in September. The die hard fan says her mailbox’s disappearance has been difficult to handle.

“That hurt my heart, because I have had that Dallas Cowboys mailbox for six years,” said Allen.

She says the stolen mailbox speaks to the ongoing issues of crime in and around her Hattiesburg neighborhood.

“… I can look at this as violence is everywhere just in different ways,” said Allen who lived in the 700 block of N. 19th Street. “No matter where you live, there is violence. Look at what’s going on over here. I don’t have nothing over here and they steady taking. They are stealing (and) that’s violence. That’s a crime.”

Back in Aug. of 2017, Allen’s house caught on fire when her granddaughters Bluetooth fidget spinner burst into flames. The fire left Allen’s house uninhabitable leaving her to find shelter elsewhere.

“Since I’ve been gone away from here, they have just constantly taken, taken, taken and taken,” she said of thieves rummaging through her house following the fire. “And I would give you the shirt off of my back. I have picked homeless people up. I have picked up anyone and brought them here and let them stay up in this house, because I was here by myself and always felt like God blessed me with this house to bless others.”

Now, without her home and mailbox, Allen just wants her priceless possessions back.

“That mailbox has sentimental value,” she said crying. “My daughter took her child support check when she was 16-years-old… Marco Hester came over to put some little stuff on my fence over there and she told Mr. Marco that if he would fix that mailbox for me… that she would pay him for all of it and she paid that for me for Mothers’ Day when she was 16. Please bring my Dallas Cowboys mailbox home."

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