Allstate lends helping hands in the Hub City

Allstate lends helping hands in the Hub City

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Every year agents from Allstate dedicate a day of service to a charity of their choice.

Here in the Pine Belt on Tuesday, Allstate agents committed their efforts and resources to helping Hattiesburg’s Habitat for Humanity.

Two organizations came together to make a difference for a family in need.

A lot of hard work has gone into remodeling a home here on North 5th Street in Hattiesburg. Habitat for Humanity and Allstate partnered together to put working hands to a worthy cause.

“They’re like machines today. They’re rocking and rolling,” said Akwete Muhammad, with Habitat for Humanity.

“Its just all about giving back to the community that gives us so much,” said Matt Houston, an Allstate agent.

Muhammad worked with excitement Tuesday watching their partnership with Allstate come together.

“They are here working on behalf of their Helping Hands foundation, where every year they go across the United States of America, choose a nonprofit where they choose to do a day of service,” Muhammad said.

Houston said they’ve put in some intense manual labor.

“We’ve had to strip the floors, we’re putting new floors down," Houston said. “We’ve had to cut away some old wood that was deteriorated.”

Allstate’s manual labor wasn’t the only significant contribution made to the project.

“Each person that is here not only are they giving their time and energy, but also their foundation is going to match their monetary donation in the amount of a thousand dollars," Muhammad said. “So, we got eight people here, so they’ll be donating 8-grand to Habitat.”

Houston said he’s proud that he, his son and colleagues were able to contribute to someone else’s life in such a meaningful way.

“If you can take a family who doesn’t have a home and give them home ownership, I know what its like to own a home and it takes your life to a whole another level, in my opinion,” Houston said.

He said he admires the passion of some of Hattiesburg’s Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

“There’s one kid who works everyday who just volunteers," Houston said. “I mean come on man, how special is that. It just inspires you to be a better person, to give back to the community as much as you can.”

“We believe that if each of us do a little we can accomplish a lot," said Muhammad. “So, Allstate is assisting us with that and Habitat is just blessed to have community partners that want to partner with us to make peoples dreams a true reality.”

With just a few more final touches, both organizations are steps away from meeting their goal, and that’s putting a family in a home.

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