Mississippians head to Louisiana for winning jackpot tickets

Mississippians head to Louisiana for winning jackpot tickets

SLIDELL, MS (WDAM) - Mississippians are heading to Louisiana for a shot at winning the $1 billion Mega Million Jackpot.

Lawren Ladner from Bay St. Louis said crossing state lines doesn’t bother her when the stakes are this high.

“It’s not too far," Ladner said. “Traffic is a little thick. It’s a Friday afternoon, but it’s not too bad. It’s shy of a billion dollars. I think it’s worth it.”

License plates from people belonging to the Magnolia State filled convenience store parking lots in Slidell.

Shiela Urbati, a Mississippi resident, said if she won the money, she’d put it to good use.

“I’d probably invent it first and then probably buy a house,” said Urbati.

Some people even came all the way from Alabama for a chance at the winning jackpot.

“I was in Biloxi and I decided that I’d come over and get me a few tickets and try to be a millionaire,” said one Alabama native.

Many said they traveled over 40 miles for a ticket. While many say it’s a hassle crossing state lines, others say it was all worth it.

“You never know,” said one Mississippian. “Somebody’s got to win it."

The odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 302.6 million.

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